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I am a School Based Physical Therapist and have been in the industry for 24 years. I am a mom of two grown sons whose journey inspired me to think outside of the box with development and learning. In addition, to studying at Northeastern University for Physical Therapy. I spent 6 years traveling to California, New York and Maryland to study Energy Kinesiology, which gave me a solid foundation in physical, nutritional, and emotional imbalances. I am acquired a Masters in Human movement and Performance at Concordia University in 2021.

Our nervous system has a natural protective response that is intended to keep us safe but often prevents us from being successful in all areas of our life. I teach people to recognize how our nervous system hijacks our performance and connections. Through movement I assess strength, balance, and flexibility.

The movement profile helps to inform a client of the current state of their body, how it responds to stress and how they can take control of their natural responses.

My own personal journey inspires me to empower people with the knowledge of how their nervous system functions, impacts their mental and physical health and interferes with healthy relationships.

Rebecca Hale


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